Our Mission

Our Mission

SCORE provides no-charge mentoring to more than 350,000 small business owners each year. That’s 350,000 entrepreneurial dreams unfolding, taking shape, and coming true, making the American economy the dynamic engine of prosperity it is today.

Our expert mentors guide and inspire small business owners with advice, startup strategies, growth planning, marketing ideas, money management, technology solutions, and more. Everything from the nuts and bolts of putting a business together to the elation of seeing it lift off from the runway, taking flight.

With your support, The SCORE Foundation:

  • Provides resources that enable SCORE volunteers to support small business owners as they live their dreams.
  • Creates educational content that SCORE clients use to build their businesses.
  • Partners with leading corporations that are dedicated to helping the small business sector grow and thrive.

Now you can join us and support our work that will inspire entrepreneurs in America for years to come with your legacy gift for The SCORE Foundation.